We are over halfway through February – that means we are on the road to Spring! Let’s not let those failed new year’s resolutions get us down! We can all dwell on what we didn’t achieve in January (starting our quarter off with a bang, dropping a dress size or no alcohol for a month… The list is endless!) or we can plan to take action and move on, and we hope you’re looking at this new year as an opportunity to make a positive change and plan to take that leap towards your next career opportunity. If you are then good on you.

But where do you start?!?? 

Job help needed!

Let’s be frank – you’re amongst friends – we assume your CV needs dusting off and hasn’t been touched for a couple of years?? It’s OK, we get it. We have been there and we’ve  learned some stuff along the way. Stuff we’d love to share with you to get you off on the right foot and turn your job search into a fun and rewarding task. First, let’s think about what comes before re-scoping your CV. So put the kettle on, grab a cuppa and let’s put pen to paper.

  1. Start by mapping out what your next challenge looks like, then think about the skills you have – or may need to develop – to get there
  2. What did/do you like or dislike about your current job?
  3. Are there any musts you want in a company – such as flexibility to work from home, ease of travelling to and from the office, rewarding benefits package
  4. Draw up a list of companies you’d love to work for
  5. Get online – Look at LinkedIn, job boards, and recruitment agencies – start reviewing what’s out there
  6. Having looked at what’s available right now, grab your wishlist and reassess if what you first thought it was that you wanted, you actually do want – is it the same or has it changed?
  7. Use social media to your advantage – we all know that recruiters and employers use social media when doing their homework about potential employees! So make sure your profile is up to scratch and your settings are as you’d like
  8. At your existing company, make sure you are continuing to learn – grow your skills, go on courses, put your hand up for projects and opportunities. Remember, you haven’t left yet and you should remain committed until you do – plus it’s beneficial for you – you take those skills on with you
  9. Help recruiters find you by sprucing up your LinkedIn profile
  10. Using all of the above, think about your new personal statement and write it down!

It looks like you are in a position to get your CV in good shape, then you can start applying. Need tips on that? Download our FREE candidate ebook here.

In this FREE guide we’ll show you…

  • How to step off on the right foot when it comes to starting the search for your next career challenge
  • Some great interview advice, from pre-interview preparation to using the STAR technique to deliver superbly structured answers
  • Plus some expert tips on improving your LinkedIn profile and how to stand out from the crowd using Social Media

Nailed all of the above and you’re ready to apply? Submit your CV here or get in touch and let’s chat

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10 steps to take before you apply for that new job!
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